A lot of money can be made by the COS Representative who is serious about FUNDRAISING. An added fact to this statement is ..."The easier it is to "sell" the fundraiser, the more fundraisers you will sell and thus...well you know the rest.
It is with this above thesis, in mind, the two PDF files below are provided to you for your consideration.
This package can be used a number of ways but is probably best used as a closing offer to get the big "YES" to doing the fundraiser. This PDF file, when printed and given to the decision maker, will outline everything they will be receiving, how to use the forms and basically show them how easy the fundraiser can be accomplished.  
This package is a "TURN-KEY" package which will "get-you-over-the-top" when it comes to doing four or five fundraisers per week. The package contains marketing materials and all the forms and flyers for a 50-person fundraising team.
Don't get too excited...there is a string attached...it will cost you $62.00 plus shipping if you want to receive the complete package sent to you.
I know the price is way too cheap, after all, I should be making more than $15.00 for having all the materials printed and assembled and then mailed off to you...but what the hey?
Currently, you can only order a COMPLETE PACKAGE for a 50-person team by emailing me a request for the package at dennis@charysoftware.com
All in all this package should skyrocket your sales, your fun, and your pocketbook.

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