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Borbon Skincare
Borbón is a premium organic & natural personal care line of products made from the world’s finest ingredients inspired by homeopathic traditions poised to ignite the “clean/green beauty” revolution!
Born In June
Born In June is a Major Motion Picture based on a true story about a legendary football coach named June Jones.
Breezy Bites
Breezy Bites is the most fun, loving way for your child to enjoy their meal. With its patent pending design including cooling fan(s), interchangeable utensils, a rechargeable battery system, waterproof, and fun, cute characters, Breezy Bites is a must have for parents with young children.
CHEF Bernard's Salsas, Spices, Rubs
The Culinary field has a lot of different Specialties one can excel in, such as Saucier, Guard Manger, Pastries, Short Order and Banquets etc. Over my 50+ years in the Food Service Industry I have acquired various amounts of expertise in most of these Specialties. But making Sauces is by far my best qualification and my passion.
The Toughest, Smartest most Versatile charging cord ever made! Charge iPhone, Android, and any Micro USB Device on one single Charging head! The Worlds first all metal Charging Cable for both Android and iPhone! Flexible Stainless Steel Cord, Zink Alloy Housings! Charge all your devices on one cord with no parts to change and no parts to loose!
Ever try changing a baby’s dirty diaper underneath a traditional Baby Bodysuit? Notice how quickly men disappear from the room when it’s time to change the baby’s diaper, especially if it has leaked?! That was the inspiration for the Mom and Grandma, JULIETA RECOMETA for our EZ-ON BaBeez Baby Bodysuit! It makes changing a dirty diaper so MUCH EASIER, QUICK AND CLEANER!  Now even dads and baby caretakers will insist on wanting to change the diaper.
GUN Bail
GunBail is a gun violence prevention program that Removes Illegal Guns from our communities by providing an option to safely turn in an illegal gun in exchange for bail for those who qualify to be released with financial requirements.
Waterless Carwash... That cleans protects and shines the outside as well as the inside... Paint, Glass, Plastic, Leather, and more! Cleans anything that needs shined and that you need to look through in the home office, or even sporting goods! The Video Shows it all!!!
When a child gets a booboo, it captures their attention and they focus not only on the discomfort but the fact that they have an injury. This often makes even the application of a bandage difficult.
HumaGenics LP-9 Health Supplement
Just for starters: Supports a healthy cardiovascular system and blood flow, which is good for both males, and females* Supports muscle growth and healthy connective tissues* Gives the body the building blocks it needs to repair itself* Supports a healthy musculoskeletal system* Supports a healthy exercise and nutritional program*
The MobiCard APP is the ultimate discount APP offering online shopping, local shopping, and national discounts ... just to list a few. With everything at your fingertips this remarkable APP has it all.
Net Effects
Net Effects Traders Update with Ardice Farrow. Net Effects has been chosen as one of 6 to present at "She Tank" in LA! Will be featured on a radio show! Added a 'Net Set' of 3 zippered bags, plus made some changes to current bags to add a wristlet strap, etc. Great things going on at Net Effects!
Park Smart For Kids
Park Smarts for Kids series of activity books are packed with 30 pages of crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, connect-the-dot pages, mazes, animal matches and more. There are 6 coloring pages per book. All designed to educate kids on America's National Parks and Monuments. They are very educational, fun, engaging and compelling to help our children learn about our precious National Parks and Monuments. 
Process To Be
 “The Process To Be” is a 7 module training on HOW to renew one’s mind.  It was created to cultivate an atmosphere of TRUE prosperity – Spirit, Soul & Body. 
Race For The Top TV-Series
Race To the Top is a reality television series that highlights the people and their businesses that use crowdfunding to fund their dreams.  The show is a collaboration between kulaBrands, Canna Media Network, NBTV Studios and media distributors. 
​Sight Saver Eye-ware
Proprietary melanin-infused computer glasses that combat the harmful effects of HEV rays and computer addiction. COMPUTER ADDICTION HAS NO AGE LIMITS. You aren't going to stop using digital devices, so the only solution is to have professional grade protection. Our product is an insurance policy for your irreplaceable eyes.
Shiver Shield Clothing
Shiver Shield's new line of extreme cold weather mittens and hats can withstand the coldest temperatures, yet are thin, light and comfortable.
TuckVisor Sun Shield
MADE IN USA TuckVisor removable and reusable side sun visor is an effortless to use and ingenious solution to blocking sun and glare coming through your car’s side windows. TuckVisor’s unique, patent pending shape fits all vehicles.  TuckVisor simply tucks into place, held firmly by the window and trim. Tuck, easily slide to reposition, and re-tuck as needed.   Conveniently store between seat and center console.
Trifecto Infinity Pen
Trifecto Infinity – With the World’s Smallest Tripod; an
All-in-One Pen, Stylus, and Phone Tripod!  Trifecto Infinity is also available in an alternate configuration featuring the Flashlight Tripod, or with a magnetic swivel assembly that attaches to your cell
phone or iPad.     
Vibe Bottles can pay for themselves within the first month and and save the earth unneeded stress!!! Yep, it's true! We call this "Vibe Bottle Math". Even though it is recommended the average adult drink 1 gallon per day, let tone it down to a realistic amount, like half a gallon a day (64 oz.) At a half a gallon per day, brand name plastic bottled water adds up to between $600 and $1500 per year! Filtered water, or water bought from a clean water store (Like Water & Wellness) cost's between $100 and $300 per year. A Vibe Bottle ranges from $20 to $40 and has a 1 time replacement warranty. Bottom line, Vibe Bottles are pretty, BPA free, and pay for themselves.
Find out why “Yahooty Who?™️” was in the top 1% of all Kickstarter publishing projects EVER!  “Yahooty Who?™️" characters teach children to think about and investigate the world around them. Ships in December; cover art may differ from picture due to production changes. Features: -Full-color 8x8 book in hardcover -Perfect for young children ages 2-8 -Brings families together -Look for Yahooty all-year, everywhere!
Using the Zip n Store cupboard pullout and the refrigerator door unit allows you to easily store ziplock bags that hold your new and leftover food. Allows you to see all the contents in the ziplock bags at a glance.