How to Personalize Your Flyer

Suppose you wanted to change the title on your flyer and also add a "Please Respond by:" date, before sending it to the printer and printing up 500 copies.
Let's use the second flyer in the PDF file, the one without a header/title.

Three simple steps to "customize" your Fundraiser Flyer

The PDF copy of the flyer has a special area at the top of the flyer reserved for a title. This is where we will place our Personalized Title. Outlined below is a simple three step process for you to personalize the Flyer. You can also specify a "Please Respond by:" date on the flyer in the same manner described herein.
Step - 1
Create the IMAGE OR the TEXT you want to have in the provided area at the top of the flyer.
You can do this in any app program which will create a (.JPG) file or a (.PDF) file.
Although you can size it after it is placed on the brochure you may want to design it for a size of 1.25" X 7.25".  Then save the file as a (.JPG) or a (.PDF) in a place where you will be able to locate it later.
Step - 2
Download the PDF file of the flyer to a place you can retrieve it later.  Next Open the downloaded PDF file with Adobe PDF Reader (this is a standard app which comes with almost every computer).
Once you have opened the PDF file in the Reader you will notice in the top menu bar on the far right side a "Sign" button.
Click on the "Sign" button and select  "Place Signature" or "I Need to Sign" (depends on version of Reader)
Please NOTE: If there is a "Selection Arrow" to the right of the text "Place Signature" (not shown here) Click on it and select "Clear Saved Signature" and you will have the screen shown in the image to the left.
A dialog box will open up with a default selection of "Select my signature" you want to change that selection to "Use an Image".
The selection of "Use an Image" will give you a Browse selection button for you to select the file you created in step-1 above.
Step - 3
Once you have selected the file you want, (NOTE: the selected file can be a (.PDF) file or a (.JPG) file)  once you have selected the file click the ACCEPT button located at the bottom of the dialog box. Clicking the ACCEPT button will place the contents of your selected file onto the PDF document of the brochure.
The last step is for you to SIZE and PLACE the image you have selected.
Once you have sized and placed your selected image be sure to SAVE your file.
There are a number of ways to add text, and images to your PDF file this is simply one of the ways.

Below is a sample of the finished  PDF file modified as outlined above.

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