Cords of Steel (COS) is a registered trademark of CMW Mobile Technologies, LLC and is partnering with various organizations in conducting a unique fundraising program for the various needs of those organizations. 
What makes the COS Ultimate Fundraiser, so unique and so very popular is 1) the product being sold 2) the profit margins realized by the participating schools and organizations 3) The ease of implementation.
Trends in Today's Technology
As it turns out in today's high-tech world just about everyone has a constant and growing need for charging one of many electronic devices, from smartphones, cameras, speakers, game controllers, drones, mp3 players, and many other electronic devices. And common to each and every one of these electronic devices is the "Charging Cord". Individuals and/or households having 5 or 6 or more different electronic devices may have the same number of "charging cords" making the charging of the multiple devices confusing, difficult and sometimes a downright messy challenge. 
COS addresses this ever-growing, high-tech challenge in American households, by offering 1 Charging Cord to charge almost all of today's electronic devices. This fast-growing-in-popularity, charging cord is called the RIGHT-ANGLE Charging Cord from COS.  A single Right-Angle cord can charge Lightning Ports and Micro USB Android Ports for a wide range of different devices.
The Right-Angle Charging Cord is the long-awaited-for product most multi-device users have been waiting for, the Right-Angle cord is simple, it's beautiful, it's durable, and dare we say "this cord causes cord envy"
Anatomy of a Great Fundraiser
One major component of a great fundraiser is having a PRODUCT which fulfills a need which exists with thousands, if not, tens-of-thousands potential customers. The second component of a great fundraiser is having a great profit on the product being sold. The Ultimate Fundraiser gives an impressive 40% profit on the sale of each PRODUCT sold. A third and most important component of a great fundraiser is having an easy program to execute. a successful fundraising event. 
Program Benefits 
Here are some benefits of The Ultimate Fundraiser for the fundraising organization:
  • No pre-purchase of the product is required
  • No contracts to sign
  • No minimums quantities to sale
  • No waiting to receive and use profits generated
  • Total "Turn-Key" Fundraiser
  • All forms, customer receipts, and flyers to conduct and record the fundraiser are provided free of any charge.
  • Collection envelopes are provided to each fundraising team member
  • COS Fundraiser Representative is there to answer questions and offer help 
There is virtually no startup or setup time to initiate this fundraiser. A short briefing of the product and some answers to questions which may arise may be required for the team members. The product is almost self-promoting. If you were to order your Fundraising Package today, you could start receiving your profits tomorrow.  IT'S REALLY THAT SIMPLE 
We look forward to not only helping with your fundraising but to be the most significant element in meeting your fundraising goals.  
Please, should you have any question feel free to call me.
Dennis Borgogno
COS Representative
Fundraising Specialist
(714) 333-5212 

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